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Magnet Therapy prescribed by NHS

On the 26th February 2006 the Sunday Times revealed that for the very first time, the NHS has allowed magnetic therapy treatment devices to be prescribed by G.P's.

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Featured Article

Magnetic Therapy: An Alternative Remedy for Depression

 Magnetic therapy, a form of alternative therapy, is growing in its application for the treatment of many conditions  which orthodox treatment has been unable to cure, or unable to cure  without side effects. Among such conditions is depression, a notorious  medical condition that slowly destroys the zest and the health of many  people across the UK and other parts of the globe. Magnetic therapy is  basically the directing of magnetic beams to strategic spots of the  human body over a given length of time and is increasingly being used to treat the symptoms of depression and other mental health issues. Magnetic therapy is also referred to magnetotherapy, magnetiotherapy,  biomagnetic therapy and bioelectromagnetic therapy. 

Why Magnetic Therapy Instead of Antidepressants?

Antidepressants can sometimes be rather slow in relieving depressive symptoms. Besides, some patients show dangerous resistance to them, remaining in their  depressed state in spite of the best possible dosage prescriptions. To  save the situations of such sufferers, people often seek alternative  therapies, especially those that have worked. Magnetic therapy has not  only justified the actions of those who turned to it, but it has worked  without side effects€“ unlike many antidepressants. 1 in 2 people whose depressions were managed with magnetic therapy had their  depressive symptoms significantly reduced, while 1 in every 3 recovered completely from their depression.

How Magnetic Therapy Tackles Depression

Depression can be thought of as an abnormal condition of the frontal section of  the brain called the prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex determines your personality because it determines your mood, and gives you the  capacity to recognise good and bad, that is, what you have learnt to be  good and bad, and to make rational choices. The neurons within the  prefrontal cortex of depressive patients show a dangerously reduced  activity, which results in persistent moodiness (without apparent  justification for it), a decreasing interest in life and hazardous and  unreasonable habits, like alcoholism and drug abuse. Magnetic therapy  addresses this decline in neurotic activity by accelerating the  movements of the neurons. This stimulation results in a change of mood  of the patient, a restored capacity to act rationally in relation to  good and bad, and  a significant reduction in depressive symptoms, if  not total recovery from depression.

Physiological Justifications for the use of Magnetism

 Because depression originates in the human brain, it is only natural to  address its causes through something adapted to the workings of the  brain. The brain works by sending electric signals between nerve cells.  Therefore, in a depressive patient, the electric signals in the nerve  cells of the prefrontal cortex do not flow with sufficient strength and velocity. This is why the flow of blood in this area of the patients brain is also reduced. Magnetism  produces electric signals. Besides, magnetism or magnetic fields can be  generated around the human body and made to penetrate it painlessly.  Therefore, the use of magnetism to tackle depression is highly to be  desired because it is both painless and direct, and generates just those signals that determine the functioning of the human brain.  Magneto therapy offers the possibility to generate these signals in  quantities large enough to restore the prefrontal cortex electric  signals to their normal levels of activity. It is to be expected that  magnetic therapy tackles one of the most disturbing accompaniments of  depression: insomnia. A depressive patient is likely to suffer from this sleeping disorder and might also suffer from addiction to insomnia medication, considering the many sleeping order pills that feverishly confront him from drug  peddlers of all kinds everyday, and the tendency towards drug abuse  among people suffering from depression. 

The Administration of  Magnetic Therapy

Complicated as it might sound, magneto therapy is an extremely simple and painless process. The term  Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) perfectly describes the process: Stimulating magnetic pulses are  directed repetitively across the cranium (skull) into the prefrontal  cortex of the patient. The pulses come from a piece of equipment, a  panel containing electric coils that produces magnetic pulses. This  equipment is positioned over the head of the patient, over the location  of their prefrontal cortex, and the pulses are administered steadily and continually for about thirty minutes each day of the administering. The repetitiveness is the continual administering, day after day, of  these magnetic beams over a given period. Any unpleasant sensations? Not at all! The sensations of the magnetic beams on the patient's head are  like that of a painless throb, which is felt beneath the skull. Besides, nothing else is administered along with the therapy, no drugs, no  injections.

Lisa Price.

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