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Anxiety Causes Insomnia and Insomnia Causes Anxiety

by  Karen Bailey

Anxiety and insomniaSo here you are comfortably settled in bed, ready for a much needed good night's sleep. But your mind is churning over with a succession of thoughts and what ifs. You mind is filled with worries and considerings so much that sleep is impossible. Maybe your heart starts racing and thumping, you may break out in to a night sweat. This is anxiety based insomnia.

Researchers have found a number of strong links between insomnia and anxiety. If you suffer from one it is often the case you will soon suffer from the other. One feeds the other. The feeling is one of hopeless desperation to get to the end of the thoughts in order to sleep. But they never end!

Anxiety caused insomnia may be short or long term or just an isolated incidence caused by current circumstances. "Transient insomnia" is often associated with situational stress. So you maybe have an upcoming job, a presentation, a test, or some similar stressful situation. "Short term insomnia" may last for six months or so and are generally related to a death, an illness, or maybe environmental factors.

Finally, there is chronic insomnia which can be contributed to a variety of factors that may require a medical or psychological evaluation to determine the exact cause.

There can be many stages of insomnia which can range from short term to long term insomnia. Insomnia can then increase anxiety which can lead to many other conditions later on. The mere frustration of sleep deprivation alone can manifest into many other serious conditions.

Do you find yourself finding at least one particular event to dwell on and by night time that thought or thoughts have completely taken over your train of thought? When this happens it could be that your mind is racing so quickly thinking of what you will do, what you could have done differently, what you could say if given another chance, and so on. These things will prohibit sleep faster than anything will. 

Untreated anxiety can easily lead to panic disorder which is why you should be seen by a doctor right away and remember that there are so many new and very friendly medications available today to treat anxiety; you will be so grateful that you went. If you have anxiety related insomnia there is no reason to suffer with it for another day because there is help available.

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