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Natural pain relief therapy, with magnets

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Magnetic Shoe Insoles - An essential therapy with magnets item.
 For every day use whilst on the move.

In India, the foot if often referred to as the “second heart”. The muscular action of arms an legs assist in the circulation of blood during it’s journey back to the heart. By helping to increase the circulation in the lower part of the legs, Therapy with Magnets insoles help to compensate for the lack of efficiencies in the circulatory system.

For foot, ankle, leg and lower body problems, magnetic shoe insoles are extremely beneficial.

Wear them all day for maximum benefit

MagneCare Therapy with Magnets insoles are designed to massage your feet at the same time as providing magnetic therapy. They will stimulate and relax your feet throughout the day.Magnetic massage insoles

 They can be used continuously and are recommended for any occupation or pastime. Shop and office workers, factory workers, hairdressers, dentists, traffic wardens, homemakers, golfers and athletes are just some of the people who have reported deriving benefits from magnetic insoles.

Use them for shopping, walking the dog, cooking, moving the lawn etc. You will notice the benefits in a very short time.

BD75 Insoles come in Ladies and Gentleman’s size and are trim-able to suit your shoes. These high quality magnetic insoles are only 14.99 plus 1.50 p&p, and you can but a pair right now!


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Ladies and Gents One size, trimable, Massage Insoles



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Delivery Time: Normally we supply the standard insoles described above, from stock. Please allow up to 10/14 days for delivery. If your need is very urgent, please call.

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