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Description and Application of the MagneTech Pulsed Magnetic Therapy System
by Rolf Gordon, (the inventor)

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The MagneTech Pulsed Magnetic Therapy System gives you TEN TIMES stronger magnetic therapy than most other passive magnetic apparatus. This is because,

  1. The MagneTech contains two of the strongest permanent magnets commercially available.
  2.  By spinning the magnets, the power is increased by TWENTY TIMES.
  3. The MagneTech incorporates three industrial bearings and a hi-tech Swiss made micro motor that drives the magnetic poles to change over 260 times a second.
  4. The spin speed produces a healing vibration of 136.1Hz (cycles per second).

Magnetic therapy increases the the absorption of oxygen, speed the flow of blood to operational scars, wounds, injuries etc. and increases the formation of antibodies in the T-lymphocytes. Recently it has been shown that magnetic therapy revitalizes the universal biological motor. This provides each cell with chemical energy, ensuring the motor runs correctly otherwise tissue perishes.

When using the MagneTech firstly switch it on and hold it with your finger and thumb tips by the thinner part for five to ten minutes. This will magnetize your body’s meridians. Then place the MagneTech directly on the area of your body where you have a health problem. All parts of your body can be treated for ten minutes but most will benefit with 20 minutes or longer.

Application of the MagneTech Pulsed Magnetic Therapy System

About 70% of your immune system is created just behind your small intestine. Put the MagneTech on your solar plexus for five to ten minutes to revitalize your immune system. (A healer will nearly always hold one hand on your solar plexus when healing you.)

A Large part of your immune system is protected by your T-Cells which mature in the thymus. This is about one and a half hands width below your throat. Revitalize your thymus by placing the MagneTech vertically on your upper chest for a few minutes.

Whilst using the MagneTech, your body is releasing toxins. It is advisable to help your kidneys to process this extra toxicity by placing the MagneTech on the kidneys (around the back just above the waistline) for a few minutes before finishing. {Comment by MagneCare - Also when using magnetic therapy, drink more water to ensure the toxins are flushed out of your system.}

It has been predicted that antibiotics will have no effect within 10 years. Already they are unable to cope with the super bug MRSA. MRAS creates its own vibrations of about 227Hz canceling out the body’s healing vibrations of about 135.1Hz. By applying the MagneTech which vibrates at the body’s healing frequency, the MRSA vibrations are neutralized.

(There are two documented cases where large MRSA sores were healed within one week by using the MagneTech for 20 minutes a day)

Leave the MagneTech in your favorite chair or in your bed so you can give yourself some magnetic therapy each day. This will not only solve a health problem but will also strengthen your magnetic aura which surrounds your body and is your body’s first line of defence. The solar-plexus (stomach area) and the feet are very good places to use it.

If you wish to use the MagneTech to heal open wounds including leg ulcers, place thin gauze on the wound, spread some honey on the gauze and hold the MagneTech for at least 20 minutes above the wound. Honey has very good antiseptic properties and prevents the gauze from sticking to the wound.

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