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After 22 years helping people heal themselves we have decided to stop selling magnetic products. We have left this page up for reference and we are still willing to answer questions about the use of magnets as a therapy. Barry Dench. 01 May, 2018

Neck problem pillow
orthopedic shaped memory foam with magnets

The MagneCare magnetic orthopedic pillow has been carefully designed to be of benefit  to many people who suffer from neck and shoulder problems. In addition, they make a major contribution to the the relief of migraine, headaches, insomnia, anxiety and other stress related problems. (See our major new section on Insomnia including axiety and depression)

00154-0The MagneCare Pillow features neodymium unipolar magnets with the biomagnetic north pole (-) towards the head.

As can be seen from the picture, the pillow is shaped to give maximum support to the neck whilst sleeping, either on ones side or back. The pillow can be used either way round  for  comfort. However, the thicker side  is recommended for optimum support.

Magnets are placed all over the top surface of the pillow, mounted in a specially designed material so as to not be felt or discomfort the user in any way. North pole facing magnets close to the head and neck whilst sleeping, provide a relaxing, soothing and healing environment adding to a full and refreshing nights  sleep.

The magnetism, combined with the orthopedic nature of the pillow, promotes enhanced blood  circulation in the head and neck, helping the oxygen supply  and the removal of toxins. This benefits  any  damaged muscles or tissue in the neck helping to reduce inflammation and relax. Stiff neck problems  can disappear over night.

The magnets  also provide the optimum conditions for brain activity to slow in  order that sleep may come quickly and deeply.  This is a major help to sufferers of insomnia. Over the last few  years, many of our clients have reported greatly reduced and in some cases, eradication of migraine headaches.

In the USA, a Dr. Philpott has reported a number of clinical cases where improvement or cure of various  ailments, including epilepsy and  mental disease, has resulted from the use of magnets in close proximity to the head whilst  sleeping.

Each pillow has it's own 100% cotton, fitted, non-removable cover.

The MagneCare Pillow is recommended to you as a major contributor to your health and well-being. As a major benefit of Magnotherapy is detoxification of the body, drink more water than usual during the first week of use.


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MagneCare Memory Foam Orthopedic Pillow
Size 19.5” x 12.5”  ( 50 x 32 cm)





MagneCare Memory Foam Orthopedic Pillow
Size 27.5” x 12.5”  ( 78 x 32 cm)






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Pillow insertMagneCare Cranial Therapy Pad

This simple and easy to use magnetic therapy device has had major beneficial effects on the health of our clients who have suffered in the past from insomnia and severe headaches, including migraine headaches.

The MagneCare Cranial Insert  features unipolar magnets with the biomagnetic north pole (-) towards the head.

The Cranial Therapy pad can be slipped inside the  pillowcase of a normal pillow to effect a deep refreshing, perfect night’s sleep. 
The effect of this preferred quality of sleep is to reduce or eradicate many or most of the results of modern day stress!  - You cannot afford not to try our Cranial Therapy Pad

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MagneCare Magnetic Cranial Pad, fully padded for maximum comfort
Size 15” x 12” x 1”( 38 x 30 . 2.5cm)




 STOP PRESS! Worldwide research  confirms:-
we do not drink enough water to ensure our bodies can function correctly.
Nor do we have sufficient minerals and nutrients in our diet!
 MagneCare strongly recommends you to take action on this matter. 
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