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Revealed! The Secrets of Mangosteen.

Do you spend at least some time in your day thinking about your
health or that of a loved one? Do you also find the subject is
frustrating, mainly because there is a lot of confusing and
sometimes contradictory information out there?

You are not alone!

My wife and I have been involved with complimentary health care
for 10 years and we are sometimes confused too! So are many of
our friends and clients.

So, I want to share with you, a very pleasant surprise I received
a few months ago. I was chatting to an acquaintance who is a
homeopathic doctor and the subject got on to food supplements. I
believe strongly that "you are what you eat" and Hippocrates
centuries ago said "Let food be your medicine.."

My friend had been reading some laboratory research on the
powerful benefits of a fruit called the Mangosteen. (No, I had
not heard of it either!) Called the "Queen of Fruits" where it
originally grew in Southeast Asia, it is prized and valued above
all others.

Mangosteen juice is rich in the super anti-oxidant called
'xanthones'. This juice has been the subject of extensive
scientific research for over 30 years and in the last 15 years
there have been more than 50 scientific journal articles
published on the subject. Why?

Because xanthones have been shown to kill or stop the spreading
of viruses fungi, bacteria, and free radicals which are strongly
associated with cancer. Another area of research has shown how
xanthones inhibit the oxidation of low density lipoprotein (LDL)
one of the causes of atherosclerosis (furring up of the arteries)
and heart attacks.

Add to that, the mangosteen juice has been shown to help promote
healing with diseases such as diabetes, premature aging,
arthritis, (the anti-inflammatory activities of natural xanthones
are significant)asthma, MS, the list goes on and on.

Now, like you I am sure, we are all skeptical about claims of
cure-all potions so I did some more research. I was impressed!
The available research is abundant and furthermore that many
doctors are recommending this juice to their patients.

One such, Dr. J. Frederick Templeman, M.D. is quoted as saying
"Studies are showing that xanthones have positive effects on
nearly all of the body's systems". He has stopped prescribing a
number of drugs as mangosteen has been more effective.

Dr Templeman goes on "All drugs are potentially dangerous. Food
by comparison is absolutely safe".

I was confident enough now to try this juice. Firstly I have to
say it is delicious! And it is entirely natural, with no
additives. My wife and I have been taking it regularly for 3
months now and I can report we have stopped taking other
expensive supplements, just regular daily drinks of mangosteen.

Our general health levels have increased and my joint aches and
pains are much reduced. My wife agrees, the hot flushes she was
experiencing have virtually disappeared.

If you are serious about your health, you should look into
mangosteen juice for yourself and your loved ones. Remember, what
you do today is going to affect you tomorrow. I strongly
recommend you begin consuming this xanthone rich, mangosteen
juice NOW!

To learn more about mangosteen, go to and look for the Xango link on our home page.

© Barry Dench