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For your interest, on this page and the next are reproduced our first press release announcing the start of our company and a subsequent one anouncing additions to our range.


August 1996


A new range of magnetic therapy products is now available from a British manufacturer at attractive prices.  The range consists of therapy pads for use on top of existing mattresses, a full mattress, pillows, full seat cushions, shoe insoles and even therapy pads for pets!.  The company, Dentech Services Ltd. markets it's range under the name Magnecare.

Announcing the products, Managing Director Barry Dench explained how it all started.  "I took up golf about 4 years ago and immediately started to experience severe back problems.  After visiting a number of therapists I was diagnosed as having a fused vertebrae where the spine joins the top of the pelvic girdle.  It was obvious that if I were to continue playing golf, I would have to undergo regular therapy to keep the situation in check.

 I was not prepared to give up the game, nor was I resigned to having treatment for the foreseeable future, so I started to look around for a lasting form of relief from the discomfort of this condition.  One of the things I tried was a magnetic therapy pad on top of our mattress.  I soon found that this provided lasting and ongoing relief from the pain.  In addition, my wife Sara stopped having the migraine headaches she suffered from regularly.

 I was so impressed with the  results I decided to look further into the subject, only to find that little information was generally available in this country.  I thought it was a great shame that this truly effective therapy was not known about by the greater majority of the population of Britain".

"Magnet therapy seems widely known about in the Far East, India, Russia, North America and a number of countries in Europe.  I could see no reason why it should not be the same here.  It was at this point, I decided to write a short introductory book on the subject and this will be published in September entitled 'The Essential Magnetherapy Guidebook'. However, whilst researching for the book I discovered that products would have to be imported as there was little choice of quality items made here.  It seemed a logical step to develop and market our own range which is what we have done.

We being my wife and co-director Sara and myself.  Our mission is to bring the benefits of this extremely effective therapy  within the reach of everyone in this country and at affordable prices.  The scale of the benefits that have been seen where magnet therapy has been used in other parts of the world, has been quite remarkable.  Over 70% success rate has resulted from double blind trials treating persistent problems such as neck and shoulder pain, back pain, lower limb pain, insomnia and fatigue.

 Many stress related dis-eases benefit greatly from the much improved nights sleep provided by a magnetic therapy pad.  A friend of ours who is an M.E. sufferer, has shown a remarkable improvement since using a therapy pad and pillow".

"I do not want to give the impression that magnet therapy is a miracle cure for all ills, but what it does do is to enhance the body's own systems.  It could be called the ultimate holistic treatment because it improves the circulation of blood helping to reduce the build up of deposits on the walls of blood vessels, it helps fight infection by strengthening the immune system, speeds the recovery of damaged tissue and bone, releases tension by encouraging deep relaxing sleep, de-toxifies the body by stimulating the lymphatic system, it is anti-inflammatory, it regulates pH balance, reduces or stops pain and even has a positive effect on mental health.  All these benefits can be gained passively whilst sleeping or going about one's daily routines, without the use of drugs".

"It is interesting to note that the world's first conference on magnet therapy was held in London earlier this year, doctors and scientists from around the world met to discuss the benefits of it's use.  I consider magnet therapy is about to "come of age" here in Western Europe and we want to ensure the people of Britain are the first to reap the benefits.  I would like to stress I do not think of this as an alternative therapy, it is more fundamental than that.  When life first developed on this planet, magnetism was of equal importance with air, water, heat and gravity.  It should not be of less importance now".

In addition to the Magnecare range, Dentech Services distributes the highly acclaimed Mini-Bio.  This small portable personal therapy unit provides pulsed electromagnetism through a small pad, to any area of the body requiring pain relieving therapy.  It is unique in being able to provide this from a 9 volt battery.  It can be carried in the pocket and thus can provide therapy continuously, or as required, wherever the user goes.

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