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MagneCare suggests individual magnets & Micropore tape to put the magnets in place. One above and one below the site of the trouble.
Individual Magnets are here

The NHS approves Magnetic Therapy in 2006! Confirming what we have believed for at least 10 years! Magnetic Therapy works!

It has been reported recently on TV and in the Sunday Times that the NHS Prescription Pricing Authority has acknowledged static magnetic devices can be good for patients. They also believe they “can save money and time treating difficult problems like leg ulcers”. 

Clinical Study Reveals All

A double-blind placebo-controlled pilot study investigated if static magnetic devises could promote healing of chronic leg ulcers.

Twenty six patients received care in line with RCN guidelines. They either received treatment including magnets or a placebo “sham” device.

Medical instruments and digital cameras together with patient questionnaires were used over a twelve week period.

Statistically Significant Results

It was determined that significant reduction in size was noted in the patients treated with magnets. The finding were noted as “statistically significant”.

This is extremely encouraging! As both users and promoters of magnetic therapy for many years, we have many testimonials from both personal clients and through therapists, that confirm the complete efficacy of magnetic therapy.

It has been frustrating when, as mentioned in the last edition of Afternoon Tea, so called “experts” call in to doubt what we know to be the facts.

Treat Yourself, At Home!

The magnets used in the trial were small but powerful neodymium magnets (illustrated), available from MagneCare.

These magnets are “Epoxy coated” a completely inert coating that is neutral to the body, not causing any allergic reaction.  They are easily held in place where they are needed by either Micropore or MeFix. surgical tape.

Advice for placement, length of use or any other question you may have is either available on our website or directly from us by telephone.

Magnets; Many Advantages

The use of individual magnets gives the benefit of mobility; no restriction on movement. You can carry on with your life whilst receiving the therapeutic treatment.

The magnets can be moved around to find the position that provides the best benefit for you. Finally, they are inexpensive and unobtrusive, allowing freedom from restrictions. And come with comprehensive instruction for use.

For more helful information on the use of magnets, check our application pages:- Applications

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