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Nature’s ScienCeuticals and Nutritional Products

In addition to providing ingformation for Therapy with Magnets, we wanted to provide additional health care solutions that will give the human body rich nutritional and even emotional support. Further, we wanted to be totally dedicated to the vigorous pursuit of health care forged from the union of nature and science. NSC allows us to do this for you.

Nature’s way.....your way.

NSC holds the belief that the earth provides everything needed to sustain and support life. Indeed, every cell, tissue, organ and system in the human body can be supported by the natural herbal and medicinal elements that surround us. What’s more, your body is its own best physician, knowing what it needs to enhance and regulate its own health at every level.

Just think how often your body communicates its needs to you; when it craves sleep, certain types of food and drink, exercise, mental stimulation or physical relaxation - the body is communicating with you. It is telling you to support your body’s biosystems by taking the steps neccessary for optimal health and physiological functioning.

Combine science & nature.

NSC reaches into nature’s laboratory and while utilising the technological advances of science, brings the power of nature’s essence to you. It is modern science, then, that enables NSC to research and discover how to best harness nature’s raw materials and deliver them to your body.

NSC products are designed to provide your body with supplemental support, beginning at the cellular level (like Therapy with magnets) and working outward. These product formulas include everything from concentrated single herbs and biological components to powerful dietary combinations.

In short, NSC products can provide the health supplementation and, therefore, the preventative maintenance your body craves. Preventative health care also suggests giving your body essential nutrients that may possibly help prevent future health problems. And by supporting the body with NSC’s health-giving products, you invite nature back into your life - where it belongs.

USE THIS MENU to see our current product list. I am very happy to personally recommend the following as either Sara or myself have used these with notable benefits:-



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