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Jemma dog_optMagneCare Pet Care Testimonials

These are all unsolicited letters and e-mails from pet owners who have successfully treated their pets with our magnetic therapy products

Dear Ms Dench,

I am writing with regard to a Magnecare mattress (Pet Pad) I recently purchased for my Collie dog Moses, who experiences spinal problems after suffering a severe slip disc injury 18 months ago.

Acupuncture has assisted him enormously, but I would like to mention that his condition has also greatly improved since using his Magnecare mattress (Pet Pad). He is always lively and more supple on his early morning walk after sleeping on the mattress overnight. I would also mention that the improvement was noticeable after 3-4 days of purchasing the product.

A neighbour, whose dog suffers from arthritis, recently purchased a Magnecare dog collar. I was very impressed by his improvement after witnessing him trotting around; consequently I have recently ordered a similar dog collar for Moses.

My neighbour informed me that since her dog has been wearing the collar, she has been able to reduce his medication considerably, some days he doesn’t require any at all. Whereas, previously he had to take tablets for his arthritis every day and still had difficulty walking (trotting was impossible).

Moses is looking forward to receiving his collar and we would like to thank Magnecare products for helping to improve Moses’s condition generally. It is such a pleasure for him to be able to enjoy his walks again!

SE. York

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Hi Barry
Many thanks for the speedy delivery of the collar and what a difference in Jake!!!

He is a 21 week old German Shepherd Dog puppy with a shoulder joint problem.  He is to under go surgery on the 27th December, but with the collar you wouldn't know there was a problem, his limp is totally gone. I am amazed to say the least!

Jake was severely lame on his left side and was being crated most of the  day, now however, he has regained normal mobility. I can't tell you how thankful I am to be able to see Jake out and about and  free from pain.

I will be forever grateful!
Kind regards


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Hi Barry
Hi Barry would just like to say what a great improvement we have found in  our dear Jenny (since using a MagneCare Pet Pad and Dog Collar). 

For the first time in six Months she managed to JUMP up into the car and even turned round to get out again!

Thank you once again

Regards T. A.  SPAIN

2 Knights Cottages
Bransgore, Christchurch, Dorset, 






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