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Individual ‘spot’ magnets - MagnePlus MagnePlus ES & Acupoint

Dear Barry,

As a Scottish Squash International and athlete, I have great pleasure in offering a testimonial on the health benefits of Magnet Therapy.

I had been in pain for many years with recurring Tennis Elbow and suffering severe pain daily. I was at the end of my tether and ready to try anything. The injury was affecting my sport and Doctors plus club mates were advocating drastic action i.e. cortisone injections.

I tried the magnets and kept them strapped to my elbow area for two weeks. The problem or symptoms never came back to this day which must be 5 years down the road.

Since then I have used them for knee problems, back problems and advocate their use on my worldly travels.

I am totally convinced of their therapeutic benefits and I am available at any time by e-mail or phone to answer any questions from your clients on their usage.

Douglas Moffat

PS. Thanks for the latest batch, well appreciated. I am using them on my inflamed sciatic nerve area; working.

Dear Barry,

I have bought products from you for my Mum.

She has found them a great benifit  to her. She lost one of her magnets and you provided her with a new one free of  charge. she was delighted.

I would recomend your company to others.


Dear Barry,

I’d just like you to know how  genuinely thrilled I am at the results I have noticed in the first 48 hours of  using my new MagnePlus magnets.

I have been suffering with  neck/shoulder muscle problems since May this year and whilst 12 weekly visits to a physio have helped the situation, the discomfort has still  persisted.

Its quite amazing that within such  a short time scale of using MagnePlus, my aches, pains and neck stiffness have  virtually disappeared.

Thank you so  much,

Kind  Regards


 Dear Barry

I am writing to say how impressed we are with the magnet therapy.  When my husband had a torn rotator cuff in his left shoulder he  started to take Ibuprofen, only to find that his mouth ulcerated. He  was concerned that this ulceration would extend through his gut and  cause other 'side effects'. He did not believe a magnet would do any  good, but was desperate to try anything because of the pain.
He  bemusedly used one of your three-quarter inch magnets and was amazed  when he had freedom of movement within an hour of using it and was  pain-free within a day or so. He was reluctant to take it off for the  12 hour on/12 hours off but he did as prescribed with excellent  results.
I have used the little ones on the below the knee meridians  for a swollen knee with good effect and noticed a general boost in  energy levels. we have loaned them to friends and family,  hence the  re-order. Thank you very much,
Mary Hall


2 Knights Cottages
Bransgore, Christchurch, Dorset, 





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