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 In answer to the question "What changes in your health have you noticed since using MagneCare therapy devices", the following quotes are from our customers:

Here's what one of our long term customer of ours has to say:-

Dear Barry,

As a Scottish Squash International and "Athlete" I have great pleasure in offering a testimonial on the health benefits of Magnet Therapy.

I had been in pain for many years with recurring Tennis Elbow and suffering severe pain daily. I was at the end of my tether and ready to try anything. The injury was affecting my sport and Doctors plus club mates were advocating drastic
action i.e. cortisone injections.

I tried the magnets and kept them strapped to my elbow area for two weeks. The problem or symptoms never came back to this day which must be 5 years down the road.

Since then I have used them for knee problems, back problems and advocate their use on my worldly travels.

I am totally convinced of their therapeutic benefits and I am available at any time by e-mail or phone to answer any questions from your clients on their usage.

Douglas Moffat

PS. Thanks for the latest batch, well appreciated. I am using them on my inflamed sciatic nerve area; working.

"Since using magnetic products, I feel a different woman.  I wake up very fresh in the morning.  My back problem and depression completely gone."  (Mattress Overlay, Pillow, Insoles.)
Mrs. S. Morris, Southampton

"I can now walk down hills without feeling my knee was going to let me down" (Insoles).
 Mrs. M.P. - Southampton

"My 'fidgety' legs are greatly improved, there is less pain in my knees (due to arthritis) and there is less swelling in my feet."  (Insoles)
Mrs. J.M. Collingwood - Southampton

"My lower back pain has greatly improved and my tiredness has disappeared along with my headaches." (MagneDisks) 
Mrs. P.E. - Southampton

"Following a car crash, I had neck and back pain and developed M.E. Now I am much improved, I have more energy and a remission from the ME symptoms. I have more vitality and staying power." (Overlay, Pillows, Seat Cushion, Insoles, Wristband)
Mr. M. Stoddart,  Southampton

"I used to be at the end of my tether, very tired, no concentration.  Now I can go through a day without any significant energy ebb.  I sleep extremely well and feel refreshed in waking and focused throughout the day."  (TravelCare, Mini-Bio). 
Mrs. A.F. - Eastleigh, Hampshire

"After suffering a severe back pain in lower spine, there was a 100% improvement just 3-4 hours after using the MagneBand.  I loaned it to a friend with a painful knee and he noticed 100% improvement within 24 hours.  Also it clears up my wife's migraine within an hour." (MagneBand)
Mr. B.S. - Poole, Dorset

"I used to take a long time to go to sleep, was restless and often used to wake during the night but now I fall asleep quickly and seldom wake during the night."  (Pillow)
Mr. S.C. - East Sussex

"Both my wife and I suffered from arthritis in the hip and knee joints, particularly at night in bed.  Now we experience great relief.  We really missed (our magnetic devices) when we were away on holiday; return of the arthritic pain.  We were glad to get back to our own bed for the relief!"  (Mattress Overlay & Pillows) 
Mr. McAlister, East Yorks.

Beryl A, a client of our in Christchurch, Dorset, started sleeping on a therapy with magnets pad.  Her GP was amazed that her high blood pressure returned to being completely normal after 2 months use and was able to finally discontinue her medication.

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