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The following description of the effects of magnetic treatment is by Dr H L Bansal of the USA.

When a magnet is applied to the human body,  the magnetic influence passes through the tissue inducing (very small) secondary currents.  These currents cause heating and effectively reduce pain and swelling in the muscles etc.

Movement of hemoglobin in the blood vessels is accelerated while calcium and cholesterol deposits in blood are decreased.  Other unwanted materials adhered to the inner side of blood vessels, which provoke high blood pressure, are decreased and will vanish, cleansing the blood and enhancing the circulation.

The activity of the heart eases and fatigue and pain disappear.

Functions of autonomic nerves are normalised and internal organs controlled by them regain their proper function.

Summary of the benefits of the use of magnets, on our health.

Hormone secretion is promoted so the skin gains lustre, youth is preserved and related ailments are relieved and cured.

Blood and lymph circulation are activated, therefore all nutrients are easily and efficiently carried to every cell of the body thus promoting general metabolism.

Magnetic flux penetrate the skin, fatty tissues and bones, invigorating the organs. The result is greatly enhanced resistance to disease.

The magnetic flux promotes health and provides energy by eliminating disorders in and stimulating the functions of the various systems of the body, namely the circulatory, nervous, respiratory, digestive and urinary.

The treatment reforms, revives and promotes the growth cells, rejuvenating the tissues of the body, strengthening the decayed and inactive corpuscles and increasing the number of new, sound corpuscles.

Magnets have exceptional curative effects on certain complaints like toothache, stiffness of the shoulders and other joints, pains and swellings, cervical spondylitis, eczema, asthma, as well as on chilblains, injuries and wounds.

The self-curative faculty (Homeostasis) of the body is improved and strengthened which ensures all the benefits mentioned above. One feels in full vigour and can walk and work, more and more without feeling tired.

The magnetic treatment has the effect of energizing all the systems of the body. The effect remains on the body for several hours after each sitting with the magnets. A continued treatment for a week or two, once daily for a better state of health, in general routine cases. (This refers to very strong magnets as used by the medical profession. Similar magnets can be supplied by MagneCare.)

Dr William H Philpott MD. Throughout this website, various references are made to Dr Philpott. Dr Philpott practiced medicine for 40 years and was well know for using magnetic therapy in his daily work with patients and contributing to its establishment as a recognised alternative therapy.

Dr Philpott has co-written a new “Definitive Guide to Magnet Therapy” which we thoroughly recommend to you.
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